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Trail #114 to Mingus Mountain - Prescott National Forest

Summary: A steep hike to a forested mountain with views to the south into Black Canyon and north to Sedona and beyond.
Directions: From Phoenix take I-17 north to Camp Verde to exit 287. Turn left (west) onto Highway 260. Between mileposts 209 – 210 turn left (south) onto the dirt Ogdon Ranch Road (ok for passenger cars). Follow this road 4.3 miles to the parking lot at the end (watch where you park, there is broken glass everywhere).
Road Conditions: Passenger Car
Navigation: Easy
Length: 14 miles
Date Hiked: January 2006
Weather Conditions: Sunny
Required Skills:
Hike Description: From the parking lot (4100 ft, 0 miles), pick up the wide ATV track as it heads west. After about 50 yards, turn left onto a side trail, which drops down and crosses a brushy dry wash. The trail climbs up the other side, then climbs moderately as it skirts several minor drainages. The well defined path soon begins climbing steeply, eventually becoming a foot path before it levels out on the hillside to the north of Black Canyon. The trail climbs at a considerably more gentle grade as it winds along the hillside with views down into the canyon. After some walking a minor use trail splits to the left, continue to ascend on the main path. Eventually, the path veers to the right to circumnavigate the head of a large side drainage and begins climbing steeply once again. The path continues its steep ascent around a few upper tributaries, eventually climbing up to a manzanita covered shoulder. The trail now descends steeply, passing an old trail sign reading “Allan Spring Rd 1 ¾ miles” to travel beside the stream of Black Canyon (flowing when I was here). The path ascends gently to moderately through the pines before turning away from the spring to eventually end at Allan Spring Road, a rough dirt track (6400 ft, 7 miles). There is a trail sign (the only one visible on the hike) located on the side of the road indicating that you have been traveling on Trail #114. When ready, return the way you came (14 miles).
Rating (1-5 stars):
The original purpose of this hike was to utilize Trail #114 as our entry route for a canyoneering descent of Black Canyon. However, the temperatures were much cooler than expected and the rocks on Mingus Mountain were coated with ice. Rather than risk hypothermia, we opted for the hike as an alternative. The author and a friend completed this hike at a quick pace in 6 hours.
Maps: Click here for a map of the hike.
Books: Portions of this hike is contained in: Canyoneering Arizona (2nd edition) - Tyler Williams
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Starting up the ATV track that
is the start of the trail.
Trail #114 as it winds its way
above Black Canyon.
The upper pine forest.